Albert Assefi

Albert Assefi began his practical works in 1993 simultaneously with his university studies in Industrial design . After completion of studies, he traveled to England to complete complementary studies. When he returned back to Iran he engaged in the field of architecture. Services in this field were so diverse that he could mention in his curriculum vitae various ones ranging from suits to big villas, and even factories.

In addition to interior architecture, he had also experiences of splendid works in design of furniture, the distinctive characteristic of which was renewed invitation of old objects (Antiques) to the modern life. Furthermore, his interest in the art of mirror work contributed to the use of this noble art in his works. However, he may produce new and completely innovative sections to present unique designs.

Albert Assefi Design Studio would like to point out that in addition to interior architecture and design of furniture and unique wonderful mirror works they can provide you with handmade especially designed decorative tools to realize a world of your imaginations with premium high qualities.